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Just like the name itself means King Root is the best free rooting application one can take for root Android. It has both options as APK and PC in order to address the exact need of the user. And with constant upgrading, Kingroot APK is now in the position of best and widened root serving for millions of device variants under the leading manufacturer names. So get with us here for complete tool review including versions, supported devices, and up to the instructions manuals.

King Root APK Download

The decision to rooting an Android brings you wings to more power. But that will all depend on the root tool you choose from hundreds of options available as of the time being. In fact, the tool you choose should lead you to complete Superuser while guaranteeing the safety of the system. And with all, King root APK is one of the best options that have served and is been serving millions of Android devices. It has both PC and mobile variants with respect to the requirement of the user. So simply, Kingroot download is user supportive and success guaranteed. Then why you still wait to root?

Kingroot APK and Kingroot PC Download

One of the benefits of rooting with Kingroot Download is its availability of both PC and APK versions. So if you hate set aside even a few seconds for connecting to the PC, you can turn to Kingroot APK Download. It is easier and more efficient for one like taking the process rooting in a just a few minutes. It saves your time and effort.

Kingroot APK Downlaod Button Kingroot APK Downlaod Button

The mobile version of Kingroot download or what you call King Root APK could sometimes meet with some compatibility issues. So in that case, turn to the Kingroot PC rather than giving up rooting attempts. The PC version supports Windows and comes stable at any processing.

Download Kingroot 5.3.2 - The Latest Tool Update

The best thing about the tool success is its constant upgrades. As of the update on 29th December 2017, Kingroot 5.3.2 has come to the public as the latest. It requires Android 2.3 or up to take the latest tool benefits in the rooting process. So you can easily root up to the newest Android firmware covering all of the latest Samsung, SONY, HTC, Huawei and many of the leading manufacturers of the mobile technology world.

How to Root with Kingroot APK?

Rooting with an APK is easier and time-saving than taking time with PC rooting manner. So we can call Kingroot download as the best one-click root application to take directly on the mobile and take superuser rights in just a few minutes. But do not forget to take the genuine downloads from our site or the official site as any mirrors could contain malware to the system. And before moving any further, backup the complete device's data to prevent any possible damage to the existing data.

  • Step 1: Download Kingroot APK on the mobile (In the notification this type of file may harm your device, tap "OK" and continue)
  • Step 2: When downloaded, take the installation through drop-down notification bar (It will then show google blocked message. So go with more details > install anyway and enable unknown sources from settings)
  • Step 3: Click "install" for system installation and launch when done
  • Step 4: The follow "Try it" and continue to smart one-click rooting with "Get now"
  • Step 5: Then return to the main interface and let root happen successfully

How to Android Root with King root?

Kingroot for PC

There may be times you would face troubles in connecting with the Kingroot apk download. But that should not be the point you leave your intention to rooting measure. In fact, download Kingroot PC is always ready for the need and comes with guaranteed stability throughout the processing.


  • Install correct USB drivers for the Windows PC
  • Enable USB debugging on Android device going to Settings > about the device > Build Number (tap 7 or 8 times) > Developer options > Enable USB debugging
  • Back up the complete device
  • Temporarily uninstall any anti-virus programs or firewalls if you have installed

Step By Step Guide to Process with Kingroot PC

  • Step 1: Download Kingroot PC and install the program on the Windows PC
  • Step 2: Connect the device to the PC (use the main USB for the connections)
  • Step 3: Launch Kingroot PC software and let the program gets connected to the device
  • Step 4: Then wait for the next screen, and continue with the master option
  • Step 5: Wait until the process gets completed with a reboot

At the end of both King Root APK and PC execution, you can use a root checker free app to verify the status further.

Developer Credits for Kingroot Download

For bringing various tool updates and giving all rights to free Kingroot Download, we should thank King Root Studio.

Download Kingroot APK and rooting will make your smart device smarter than never before. So it will perform faster, save more battery, give access to root-only powerful apps, remove carrier bloatware, allow system settings and many more. Then why wait?